About Bruce Steinberg

Bruce Steinberg is one of kind — or maybe more appropriately, one each of many kinds. Well known for his award-winning album-cover and advertising work in the '60s, '70s and '80s, Bruce is more than just a photographer. He is the consummate communicator, creating images, designs and copy that have transcended the heaps of pop culture and survived the test of time.

His music-business credits alone represent the full depth and breadth of classic rock, R&B, funk and jazz; if you ever bought a record album back in the day, chances are that you already have some of his vintage work in your collection.

Working primarily as a creative director and designer who happened to shoot and use his own photos, Bruce rarely positioned or promoted himself as an assignment or stock photographer. He preferred working directly with musical artists in developing their images and identities to present to their record companies, and ultimately, to their fans. If he didn't use one of his photos in a given design — even an outstanding photo on its own — it was most likely destined to be archived as an out-take, never to see daylight again. Bruce was always too busy with larger visions of his next projects (and
eventually, a subsequent career in high-tech marketing) to look back and exploit his vintage shots.

It's a new day, and through this website, Bruce will now offer signed, archival, museum-quality prints, custom-made for you from selected pieces in his historic collection of Tower of Power and other old-school favorites, using state-of-the-art digital technology to reveal richness and detail that you've never seen before in these classic images.

To Bruce, it has always been about finding the beauty in the funk, and his work is a celebration of that vision. Enjoy.

Music clip: "Steady Freddy"; Mike Clark and Paul Jackson/"The Funk Stops Here" (1991)